Month: October 2018

Spice Up Your Sexting With Emojis

There are many people who often face problem in getting into sexting. They are not able to start the conversation because they actually don’t know from where to start. However the introduction of the emojis has made it easier for them to get into a conversation with anyone. Various types of unique and less common emojis are available nowadays which can be used for hot chatting.  Visit the website to download the keyboard of emojis for your Smartphone. Such type of keyboard can be used for chatting on various social media websites as well.

The cherry and the strawberry are not so innocent

You can speak a lot with the help of emojis. Cherry and strawberry which you have always known as the fruits are no longer only the fruits.  Instead, they are the way to ignite your male partner and invite him to get laid with you. These fruits represent female genitalia.  Cherry is a signal for the virginity while strawberry signals your interest in the partner with whom you are sexting. So, if anyone is sending you these emojis, don’t consider them only as fruits.

Express your lust in the group messages

Many times, people join the group of their close friends and others with whom they can easily go nastier. Thus, sending the regular emoticons doesn’t make your presence highlighted. You will also not be able to show off your lust to someone through texts. You just need to download the sexy emojis which can be shared on the groups. The readers will come to know about your erotic feelings and lustrous desires.

Show your lust without speaking anything

Most of the porn emoji keyboards offer thousands of emojis with full naughtiness.  These online keyboards often get regular update and the new sex emojis keep on adding to this. It is the best part of such types of keyboards that you will keep on exciting your partner with your erotic emoticons. Whether you are feeling like masturbating or showing off your bouncy boobs, you will definitely find the suitable emoji for expressing your lust.

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