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... was back in the toon world. She looked at herself and found she was in her Warner form now. She smiled. She walked around the toon world and said hi to some people she saw. Finally she ended up at the tower and she knocked on the door. Yakko opened it and saw her, he stood dead in his tracks and his jaw dropped. Smirking, Cassie walked inside. " Glad to see you too Yakko." She said in a sarcastic way. "'t you be in school?" Yakko said. "They cancelled it, the science building blew up.." Cassie rolled her eyes. "From what I gathered some weirdo was trying to use two chemicals that obviously did not mix." "Are you okay?" Yakko asked."Yeah.. it was no big feelings warned me before I got too close to the building." She yawned. " I wanted to visit you guys, things were getting so boring.." "Maybe things are better that way.." Yakko muttered so she could not hear. "What was that?" Cassie asked. "Oh...nothing, Want anything to eat? Er.." He just remembered that Wakko ate the fridge. "Take ?" He laughed uneasily as Cassie stared at him like he was insane.Dot and Wakko both arrived later on and their jaws literally dropped when they saw Cassie. "CASSIE!" they both shouted and ran for her. Before anyone could talk the two warners were in Cassies arms...

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