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A Sample part of Digimon Data Squad Yoshi Story:

...ova.Ash: Cilan... Is it for to the third gym?Cilan: No.. just follow this way.Iris: Cilan?Cilan: Yes?Iris: We're lost, aren't we?Cilan:.... Yes..Ash: *Sighs* Great so we landed here on this stupent Harbor!Pikachu looks in the direction of the sea.Ash: What's wrong, Buddy?Pikachu: Pikapi! *Jumps of his shoulder and runs to the water*Ash: Pikachu! What- *Hears something in the water*D-did you guys hear that?Iris: Hear what?Something jumped out of the water.Iris: WHAT IS THAT!Piplup landed for Pikachu on the ground.Piplup: Pip piplup! *shakes the water of his body*Pikachu: *Sniffles on Piplup* *Happy* Pikapi! *Dances with Piplup*Ash: Hey! Wait a sec... I remember you! Your Dawn's Piplup right?Piplup: Pip piplup! *Nods yes and jumps in Ash's arms* Hey Piplup, long time no see! But wait.. if your here then-???: ASH!Ash: hey Dawn!!-When Dawn gets of the boat-Dawn: *Runs to Ash and hugs him* I've missed you so much!Ash: *Suprised by Dawn's hug but hugs back* Hey great to see you again, Dawn.Dawn: *Looks at Ash* Wow, nice new clothes! They look great on you!Ash: *Smiles* Thanks Dawn! *Handsover Piplup*Iris: *Coughs*Ash: Oh right! Iris, Cilan this is my old Buddy Dawn, we traveled trough Sinnoh together. Dawn these are my friends Iris and Cilan.Iris: *Smiles* Hey!Cilan: It's a pleasure to meet you!Dawn: *Smiles* Nice to meet you two too!Iris: *cheers like a child* Unbelievable that I'...
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