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... ‘Shit! Fuck! Damn it! I can’t escape and if Naruto gets loose then that causes more problems! Why do I have to fuck him?! Fuck my life…’ Anko slowly spread her legs, creating a look of confusion and caution on Naruto’s face. The boy’s face was soon wiped clean when the scent of Anko’s juices washed into his nostrils. Naruto sniffed Anko’s lower lips and licked them up slowly, savoring their taste. Anko shivered against her will. ‘Damn it, if he does this to me the Kyuubi won’t be subdued inside of him.’ Naruto continued licking Anko’s lower lips clean until he noticed his member had hardened. The blonde had unzipped his pants, and pulled down his boxers revealing his enlarged member. “Holy shit…” Naruto looked up at Anko whose reaction was pure shock. ‘Lady Tsunade said his penis might increase in size but god damn!’ Naruto grabbed Anko’s ankle, pulled her forward so that her sex lined up with his. ‘Damn it…get it over with you horny freak!’ Naruto slowly probed her entrance with the tip of his hard member, causing Anko bit her lower lip in anticipation. ‘One last chance!’ Anko slam...

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