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... Often times called Malibu Stacy." The goth looking tour guide says plainly. "Famous for the slaughter of the Malibians." The second tour guide leans over and whispers into the other's ear. "Sorry. The people of Malibu. Let the people talk about his so-called crimes against humanity." The Simpsons stand in shock at what they are hearing. Lisa looks like she's about to cry. Bart is the only one who seems to be enjoying this. "This museum is dedicated to the Stacy that no one knew."The second tour guide takes over. "The husband, the father, and the ballroom dancer." Homer whips his head in the direction of the tour guide quickly.Kang and Kodos, now being back on the road, are catching up quickly to some of the others. Kang spots Homer's car. "Look Kodos, I believe that is the round ones car!" He points a tentacle to the pink car."How do you propose we slow him down?" Kodos asks."Leave that to me..."Back in the museum, Homer and family have had all they can take. They slowly start to back away. "...Stacy joined the SS early in his life." The second tour guide said, finishing his part of the tour. The first tour guide comes back."And now if you follow me, you'll see Hitler's car." The tour guides see the Simpsons leaving. "You're leaving?""Ummm..." Homer turns and faces them. "Well, you see, we, uh...have a...a..." He stutters."A book burning to go to!" Bart says."Yeah! And then we have to go to Christi...
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